There are more than 4 New Years in the world

30 Dec
There are more than 4 New Years in the world

Most countries in the world are using Gregorian Calendar these days so New Year’s Day falls on January 1st. But that wasn’t always the case and many countries celebrate their own versions of the New Year in addition to the official one.

The most notable is the Lunar New Year which is celebrated in most Asian countries. There is no exact date, but it’s always on the day of the new moon of the first lunar month, so it normally falls between late January and late February. Islamic New Year is based on yet another calendar, so their New Year usually starts right before Christmas. There are many other days celebrated around the world, some of them fixed and some are not, and a lot many people are enjoying the festivities even today.

But my favorite one is the Orthodox New Year, also known as the “Old New Year”. Unlike the rest of Europe, Russia was stuck with Julian calendar until 1918, so this particular New Year Eve is usually celebrated on January 13th. Russians being what they are, they’ll always find a new reason to have a get-together, so the tradition continues to this day…

When I was a kid, my grandmother would always make a lot of blintzes and pirogi and invite the whole extended family over. It was a family affair and we always had a great time.

For this very reason, many Russian families in the United States keep their Christmas trees standing up until January 14th, undoubtedly causing headaches to employees of their local Waste Management companies. Myself? I usually use a chainsaw.

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