The Story of Peters Paol

Sometime in the late 2012 I’ve read a Sci-Fi book “Temporary Duty” by Ric Locke. I liked the book a lot and the ending was hinting at a sequel, but nothing else was available. I forgot about the book for a couple of years, then ended up re-reading it in mid-2014 and got impressed even more. And thought “Maybe there’s a sequel now….” but couldn’t find anything.

On February 10th 2015, at 4am local time I finished the book for the third time. “There’s got to be something now!” I thought and went looking around… Only to find Barb Caffrey’s blog entry “Writer Ric Locke has died” dated July 2012.

Ric Locke, whose real name was Warrick Merrell Locke, died of lung cancer on July 24th, 2012. He was a very active blogger, freely expressing his opinions (mostly political) on various blogs such as InstaPundit and ProteinWisdom. He was very respected by other bloggers and made quite a few friends.

I still don’t understand why the news of Ric’s death were so shocking to me. At first I thought it was the realization that I will never read any Temporary Duty sequels. But in reality, it was the realization that there was very little info about Ric on the web. Here was his own blog, his posts on other blogs here and there, his obituary record and a few posts on the other blogs about his death. That’s it.

The same day I’ve decided to do something about it. I’ve registered “” domain, set up a site and installed MediaWiki there. My idea was to list every character, alien, vessel and technology found in “Temporary Duty”. And anything else I can find out about Ric, of course.

Being a retired Petty Officer in the United States Navy, Ric essentially wrote a book about a US Navy aircraft carrier in space, with 2 squadrons of jet fighters (F-14 Tomcats and FA-18 Hornets retrofitted with alien engines) performing demo and combat missions far from the Solar system. The book focuses on the two low-rank Petty Officers who were sent ahead to an alien spaceship to do “mops and dusting”. If you’re interested in details, my own review on can be found here

At the end of the book the main character Peters, originally a simple sailor from West Virginia, ends up being the head of a new clan or “Pa’ol”. Another fascinating concept in the book is that the nearby region of the Universe is populated by many different species of aliens, but they are all humanoids, need air and water, brew beer and otherwise act pretty much like humans. This group of aliens is called “The Kree”.

Not having much material to work with, I soon began to post articles about the Navy, aircraft carriers and jet fighters. I soon realized that MediaWiki was never meant for blogging, so Peters Pa’ol was born as a result and the original site got renamed to “Kree-Pedia“. It will be dedicated to quotes, concepts and extras from the book as well as any additional static content.

Temporary Duty” features a great amount of references, quotes, Navy jargon and nautical terms. If you need help, Kree-Pedia is the site to visit.

Need to contact me? Feel free to drop me a note at b r o o m @ t e m p o r aryduty . org


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