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Breathtaking views of West Virginia

Breathtaking views of West Virginia

West Virginia is best known for its coal mines, lack of natural lakes and harsh weather. What this state is less known for is absolutely breathtaking scenery.

The main character from Ric Locke‘s book Temporary Duty is originally from West Virginia. I’ve never been there myself, but looking at the pictures below I can well believe the place is beautiful.

These pictures were taken as part of crowdfunded astrography book SKYGLOW slated to be published in the Spring of 2016.

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SERVICE CALL, the sequel that’s still somewhere in this volume of space…

“Service Call”, the sequel to “Temporary Duty” was 2/3rd complete in July 2012. As it stands today it might never see the light of day…. or any light for that matter. Some copies have been distributed to Ric’s friends and potential publishers. What I know of the plot is that it was supposed to be set in the same Kree universe but with different characters, although Peters gets a chance to reappear. We all can hope the sequel was meant to answer some of the questions we all were asking about. Time will tell…

Not all is lost however, so keep your hopes up folks! We’re working hard to get the sequel going!

Ric Locke died on July 24th, 2012

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Temporary Duty review by

I found this review written in 2013 just couple of days ago. I think it’s worth the read. The entire article can be found here:

Temporary Duty Cover

Temporary Duty review by

“What happens when a pair of enlisted sailors are loaned to an alien vessel? Shenanigans, obviously. Temporary Duty is a unique look at first contact through the eyes of a low ranking member of the military – essentially your typical everyman.

The story picks up after a visit to Earth by aliens. Thankfully they haven’t come to conquer; they’ve come to trade. But what does humanity have to offer a space-faring species? Weapons of war, naturally. It turns out humanity is really good at kicking ass.”


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